High Heels in Rosatos

Rosatos have booked a special outfit for the Parton With Cash country festival tonight.

They are a duo called High Heels.

The McGonigal and Dillon clans will once more be assembling in Rosatos tonight after the great night they had last night in there.

It should be a great night tonight too.

It will be a chance to meet old friends again and to make new ones.

Sean Ti Hoe Down

Later on many of them are going on to the Sean Ti who have a 3-piece band playing.

They are having a Hoe Down with bales of hay, barrels etc.

They are asking people to wear country outfits.

I know some of the girls will be wearing pig tails.

Tomorrow night (Sunday) they will all be in Rosatos again to hear Paddy the Shoe play and to sing some songs themselves.

Sounds like a great weekend.