Scots Visitors

It’s just like the old days of yore as Scots visitors poured into the town today.

There was an advance party of half a dozen last night but today they are pouring in bigger numbers.

They are planning to meet up after 3pm in the Corner Bar.

Quiz at Rosatos

In the evening they will be at the quiz in Rosatos where Councillor Farren will welcome them to the town and tell them of the old days when the Scots were the main visitors here.

There are rumours of a surprise guest being there tonight.

After the quiz there will be music when the McGonigal / Dillon clans will showcase their musical talents. There’s quiet a few of them who can play.

It should be a night to remember.

Like to Party

As you know, the Scots like to party.

I remember one local pub owner said that a bus load of Scottish visitors would spend three times as much as a bus load from Dublin.

I told another local publican this and he said “Three times? More like Five Times”.

So, they’ll be out and about this weekend and looking for the craic.