Scottish Invasion

The Scots will be pouring into Moville next weekend during the Parton With Cash country festival.

At  a funeral a few months back in Greenock the various parties said that it used to be weddings when we all got together but it was mainly funerals now.

So, it was agreed that we would have a family get together when no one had died.

And Moville was chosen as a suitable venue.

McGonigals and Dillons

It is my mother’s side of the family who are coming. Her father was Peter ‘Maxi’ McGonigal (or Peter the Fly as he was also called) and her mother was Elizabeth Dillon.

So, it will be the McGonigals and Dillons and their progeny who will be coming.

So, that will be a DillonFest with a difference.

The May bank holiday weekend was chosen because it is one of the few bank holidays which is the same in the UK and Ireland.

So, it caught fire from there.

Big Numbers Coming

Altogether there are more than 60 people coming. I’m sure the McLaughlin side of the family will turn out too – and with friends it should be a pretty big turnout on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

All are welcome.

Most are coming from Scotland but there are four coming from Australia and three from America, two from Chicago and one from Philadelphia. There’s also a surprise guest.

Quiz and Open Mic in Rosatos

It will kick off at around 9:30pm in Rosatos with a quiz followed by an Open Mic.

Councillor Martin Farren will kick it off by welcoming the Scots visitors and telling them of Moville’s tradition of welcoming the ‘Scotch visitors’ of old.

There should be big numbers for the quiz which will be in aid of the sea scouts – a good local cause.

After that it is an Open Mic in Rosatos with quite a few of the McGonigal /Dillon family able to play.

Saturday’s Schedule

On Saturday they will book a tour bus to take them to Derry to see the sights there such as the Wall and the Bogside Museum.

They will arrange to watch the Celtic v Rangers Cup Semi Final in the Gweedore Bar.

Those that don’t go will play some pitch and putt at Cooley and maybe watch the game in a bar in town.

That night Rosatos have a four piece country band.

Hoe Down in the Sean Ti

Then it is on to the Sean Ti who are having a Hoe Down.

There will be a 3-piece country band and the Sean Ti will have bales of hay around the big room.

People are asked to dress in country outfits. The Sian Ti ran one before which was a huge success.

Barbecue and Tour on Sunday

Sunday afternoon sees a barbecue down the River Row in the early afternoon followed by a coach tour about the area.

Then it’s in to Rosatos on Sunday night where Paddy the Shoe will be playing and there will be ample opportunities for the McGonigal / Dillon clan to play and sing as well as any others who may be there.

Some of the visitors have been here before but most haven’t.

Will Ye No Come Back Again

It’s hoped that if they enjoy the craic (as I’m sure they will) they may well come back again.

And it will be great to see my cousin Peter Reid who is coming from Australia and who I haven’t seen since we were both in our twenties.

It should give local bars, restaurants and accommodation providers a bit of a boost too after a long winter.

But be there on Friday night and you may meet some people you haven’t seen for years. Virtually all of my brothers and sisters are coming.

Gerry McLaughlin Senior

And my father, who is now 89, will be back in Moville for the first time in several years.

See you all next Friday night.

It’s going to be some craic.

And maybe next year we will do something for the McLaughlin side of the family