Bingo has been an ongoing tradition in Irish villages for many, many years. Here is Muff is no exception. I remember as a child coming along to Bingo in Muff on a Saturday night where my Dad called the numbers. It was great craic, but whilst you were waiting for that one number (sweating), the money was already spent in my head. And when someone else shouted ‘check’ or ‘house’ I was ready to scratch their eyes out. But that is the fun associated with Bingo. As a child it was exciting and it was a place where young and old all gathered for a couple of hours.
Bingo is dying out in many rural areas now as people have so much to choose from.
Here in the village of Muff, the weekly Bingo session still runs every Saturday night throughout the year. It’s certainly seen a downturn in numbers attending but the committee continue to run it weekly. This Bingo is sometimes the only outing many people get in the week. Its the one night some people look forward to all week. And it’s sometimes the only occasion that certain people might get to meet and socialise with others in their week. Bingo is therefore very important in our local community. I’ve even heard folk say it’s their therapy for the week.
Bingo runs at St. Mary’s Hall in Muff every Saturday night from 9pm. It costs just €10. Now for a night out, that really is a bargain.
Why don’t you come along and help support this really worthy weekly event on a Saturday night in Muff. It might even be fun. Bring the kids, the grandkids, the granny, the granda…bring the family. And who knows, you might just go home a little richer. Even if not in money, richer in knowing that you helped keep this much loved community event alive in our community.