Scots Visitors to Moville

The clock will be turned back on the bank holiday weekend in early May when a whole load of Scots visitors will descend on Moville.

Older Movillians will remember the glory days when Moville was packed out with Scots (or Scotch as they say here) visitors all summer long.

Indeed, the Lairds Loch sailed three days a week from Glasgow’s Broomielaw to Derry. From there ‘Scotch’ visitors would catch buses to Buncrana, Moville and other places in the area.

It ran from 1826 to 1966 – 140 years.

I remember being on it myself as a kid. It was a converted cattle boat.

Gathering of the Clans in May

Now dozens of Scots will descend on Moville on the May bank holiday weekend.

Said CraicOn Moville editor, Gerry McLaughlin, “I was back in Scotland for my aunt’s funeral about 6 month sago when cousins etc. said “we only ever get together for funerals now as a family”.

So, it was suggested that we would have a big gathering without a funeral taking place.

Cousin Daithi McGonigal, who lives in Muff, suggested that we have it in Moville. A few people thought that was a good idea – and then we were off and running.

Festival Committee

A committee of Daithi McGonigal, Gerry McLaughlin and sea scouts organisers Kate McLaughlin and Con O’Donnell was set up and a programme of events created. We will publish that shortly.

Said Gerry “It’s my mother’s side of the family that have set this up and it is those that will be coming. They are, on her father’s side the McGonigal’s and on her mother’s side the Dillons”.

Anyone for a DillonFest?

Everyone Welcome

It is expected that members of the McLaughlin side of the family in Moville will also join in along with friends – and anyone else who just wants to come along for the craic.

Currently there are 54 people coming – but that number is expected to increase.

Said Daithi “There are two Dillons coming for the reunion from Chicago and one form Philadelphia. I say ‘reunion’ but we’ve never met them as their grandfather emigrated many years ago.”

There’s also four from the McGonigal / Dillon clan coming from Australia just for that weekend.

Said Gerry McLaughlin “I haven’t seen my cousin Peter Reid since I was in my early twenties so it will be great to see him again. He was always a character”.

Lots of Events Organised

As well as trips to Derry, a shore walk, and a coach tour about the peninsula, there will also be lots of music and carousing all weekend.

Older Movillians who remember the Scotch Buses arriving will tell you that they like to party.

Said Gerry “there are lots of muscians in the family so we are going to take over one of the nights for them all to play.”

Kidnapped and Treasure Island

Daithi McGonigal, who is the family historian, is going to give a talk at some point. He discovered that through the Stevenson branch of the family we are related to Robert Louis Stevenson, the author of Kidnapped and Treasure island.

Another relative is great-uncle Jimmy Gold, who was a member of the Crazy Gang who held the record for Royal Variety Performance appearances at 14.

So, it looks as if it will be a cracking May-day weekend and lots of fun.

From All Over the World to Moville

Our Scotch Visitors are coming from all round the world to it – and they will be wanting some craic.

And Movillians are welcome to join in.

It’s also the Parton With Cash country music weekend too.

Bring it on!