Bizzprint Printers

Today I called Paddy Campbell of Bizzprint at 12:40pm to get a quote for 40 posters and 2,000 flyers for the festivals this summer.

I left a voice message.

I also sent them an email at 12:44pm.

Around ten minutes later I had Paddy Campbell on the line with a quote.

Designer Aine Parkinson

I got the posters and flyers designed again by Aine Parkinson of Sheffield (ex-Moville) – but I only got the designs today.

It would be great to get them before they closed for Paddy’s Day so I could put them about the town while all those people are here.

I needed them for tomorrow but wasn’t sure if I would get them by then.

It was a bit short notice.

Bizzprint Delivery

Imagine my surprise when just around 4pm today, Paddy Campbell from Bizzprint arrived at my door with the posters and flyers all done and delivered.

It’s not just same day delivery I got but same afternoon delivery.

I think they are printed in Buncrana too.

So, I called them originally at 12:40 and had 2,000 flyers and 40 posters by 4pm – just 3 hours and 20 minutes after I first called with the order.

Great Service

“That’s great service” I told Paddy.

“That’s what we’re here for” he replied.

I always like to give some praise where praise is due – and praise is due here.

You’ll see the posters up over the town this weekend – thanks to Bizzprint.