As the London ladies and our own Becca spent Friday (day and night) in our infamous ‘wee bar’, they never forgot wee Fi. Fiona is a long loved office companion who originally came from a McDonalds Happy Meal. These London ladies decided to adopt her and have ensured she has traveled the world ever since. From Venice, to Portsmouth, Australia to Cape Town, Turkey to …… Muff.
The collection of photos show Fiona all over the world and in none does she look quite as content as she does in The Pig wee bar. From ‘Muff Cocktails’ to vodka, Guinness to Smithwicks, cheese ‘n onion to salt ‘n vinegar, Fiona tasted all. I think at one stage, she was even in charge of the money.
As a multi-cultural young lady now, Fiona felt right at home in the village and even popped to The Workshop for coffee.
So Fiona, it really was a delight to welcome you to our part of the world and we do hope you return again soon. I hope maybe you might teach those other ladies how to stay as quiet as yourself. Now that would be bliss.
There’s just one thing I haven’t quite figured out yet….how the heck does Fiona put up with those farts????

To see Fiona on her travels see her album at Craic On Muff fb page here Craic On Muff FB