Three London ladies arrived in Muff village yesterday for a bite of lunch. The Workshop Coffee Shop being our lunch venue. It was here that I also met Fiona (whole other story!!).
Having spent Thursday sipping alcohol from 5am they had a nice early night in preparations for their visit to our wee village. It was only ever meant to be a lunch date. However they spotted the Squealing Pig and decided they would have their first taste of Guinness there. And so I went along to show them directions. Well a Friday lunchtime as a local, I can’t possibly be known to frequent the ‘local’ at such hours. So I was Tour Guide for a short time. I showed them the Cocktail Bar entrance (loos to us), the Beer Garden and introduced the landlord. Then some of us had to return to work.
On our goodbye I had arranged to taxi the said ladies later last night to their Derry pub destination. They were only ever meant to have ‘one’ in The Pig.
And so as I taxied them to Derry last night I was told about the new Cocktail they invented during their ‘entire afternoon’ session in The Pig – none other than A Pint of Guinness with a shot of Port thrown in. They’ve now simply titled it ‘Muff Cocktail’.
And so as they frequented the said Derry pub last night, it didn’t quite live up to the ‘craic’ and locals of The Pig…and so come 9pm, they descended upon the village bar once more….for Cocktails. Yes Guinness and Port it was.
However these three ladies were not alone. Oh no, they had Fiona along for the ride!! Fiona, born and raised in McDonalds, has done a bit of travelling in recent years and was desperate to visit ‘The Pig’ wee bar. And so she found her spot on the shelf alongside some rather friendly pigs.
The weekend isn’t over yet. Could they come up with another cocktail? Does Fiona want a return visit. It’s still only Saturday. If you see these ladies about, beware…….