Moville Dog

On Friday I let the dog out the back door to do its business.

I was going to Derry with my son and thought it would be a good idea to let Angel out first (that’s the dog, not my son).

However, she must have gone down the bottom of the garden somewhere and we had to catch the bus.

So, I left here out there rather than miss it.

We’d only be away a couple of hours anyway.

When we did come back she was nowhere to be seen at either the front or back doors.

Where could she be?

Pleased to See Us

We went into the front room and there she was, pleased to see us.

But how did she get in?

She would have had to have opened both the front door and the main room door.

Neither are doors that you have to turn to open.

You just push down on them to get in.

Did she use her paws to press down on the doors?

Did she let herself in?

Did we have a performing dog?

Movie Time

A dog that opens doors could get in the movies.

Maybe she would open doors for us.

Maybe Moville could have a new movie star.

There could be untold wealth for the owner of such a dog.

And, although we call it my son’s dog, I actually buy her food and look after her.

Rosatos Bar

That evening I was out in Rosatos.

Seamus Harkin came up to me and said “where were you”?

“What do you mean” I replied.

You were out when we came round with the coal so we dropped off a couple of bags.

I hadn’t even noticed them.

“Did you let the dog in?” I asked.

“Aye, she came in the front door when we came in”.

So, our dog, Angel, didn’t let herself in then.

We didn’t have a potential Hollywood dog after all.

She might be a lassie but she would be no Lassie.

Ah well!