Glenburnie Beach

Enda Craig has sent us this great picture of Glenburnie Beach. It shows the new wall that the council engineers put up recently.

Enda has fought many campaigns ferociously, including stopping the plan to put the sewage treatment plant there.

Said Enda “Well Done   –    Donegal Co Cl makes a start assembling safety barriers at Glenburnie Beach.

“The residents would like to thank the Council engineers who we know will do a good job in making sure the safety of the users   of this popular beach is taken care of.”

Great Picture

There you are! Who says that Enda doesn’t give praise when praise is due?

What a picture it is.

It’s as good as those ones that Microsoft put up when I power up my PC in the morning. And they have the choice of the best pictures from the best locations worldwide.

Perhaps he should send it on to them.