Spring in Moville

It’s nowhere near the official start of Spring yet.

That will happen next month.

However, it has been a fairly mild winter and there are already early signs of spring.

Buds Out

The buds have been on the Orange Raspberry bushes (some call them Champagne Berries) for a few weeks now.

The daffodils are just starting to break out in the boxes about the town.

I spotted he first ones breaking through in the box at the bottom of town outside the Corner Bar.

It’s a bit of a grim, wintry day today.

However, that has not been typical of this winter.

Indeed there have been a few days I would have been happy with in August.

Good August This Year

Maybe we’ll get a good August this year.

We say that every year though.

There hasn’t been a good August in Moville in this millennium.

Anyone under 20 wouldn’t remember a good August here.

But hope springs eternal and in a few weeks time we will get the renewal as spring starts to take shape.

And then there’s the summer after that!