This is a call-out for locals who might be interested in setting up or joining a local history group/club. This would be to learn and appreciate the local history, heritage, culture, tradition and identity of our local area. So much focus is being placed on the new, the contemporary, that the tradition and history is being lost.
If you, or anyone you might know would be interested in becoming part of a local History group here in the village, send a wee pm to the Craic On Muff fb Page. Or alternatively, send a wee email to: [email protected]
This would in turn help our younger generation not to forget their homeland and to ensure our identity doesn’t get lost in the contemporary world.
With our wee village here in Muff, there is so much history attached to it, from place names, to sites and so much more.
Do spread the word and if you have even a little interest in learning a bit more about our wee village and surrounding area, get in touch.