CraicOn Read in Many Countries

People originally from Moville are scattered cross the globe.

And so, it seems, are CraicOn readers.

The website was read in 103 countries last year.

That’s out of 196 countries in the world.

It means that CraicOn was read in more than half of the world’s countries last year.

Top CraicOn Countries

Here are the top countries it is read in:

1. Ireland

2.  UK

3.  USA

4.  Spain

5. Australia

6. Germany

7.  Canada

8. Trinidad and Tobago

9.  France

10. Netherlands

11. Italy

12. Norway

13. Sweden

14. Greece

15. Russia

16. Qatar

17. Brazil

18. Portugal

19. Hong Kong

20. Belgium

21  Singapore

22. Isle of Man

23. New Zealand

24. Jordan

25. India

26. Switzerland

27. South Africa

28. United Arab Emirates

29. Mexico

30. Austria

CraicOn Reigns in Spain

Once again Spain is very high up – as it is every year.

I have no idea at all who is reading it on Spain.

I do know who reads it in Jordan though, as I was speaking to her in Rosatos over Christmas.

It seems she works for the Queen of Jordan.

There were 42 website visits from there last year.

She claims there are two people who read it im Jordan but doesn’t know who he other person is.

She must have gleaned that from some website stats somewhere.

Perhaps it is her boss, the Queen of Jordan.

CraicOn in the West Indies

I’m not surprised that Australia is in 5th place for visitors but why Trinidad and Tobago in 8th?

Who lives there that reads CraicOn often?

Are there people there tuning in to CraicOn on the beach?

By the way, if people from any of these exotic places are the ones who read CraicOn there, just introduce yourself and say “I’m one of he ones who reads CraicOn in Greece” or wherever it is.

Isle of Man

Isle of Man is in 22nd place.

I was sitting in a little cafe attached to a hotel in the Isle of Man a few years ago when someone came up to me and said “You’re the CraicOn guy, aren’t you?”

The guy was from Moville but lives in the Isle of Man now for a bank.

Russian Hackers

I see that Russia is in 15th place.

Perhaps it is hackers from the Fancy Bears who are trying to influence the Moville Council elections.

I’m not sure if Vladimir Putin would be for Martin Farren or against him.

Anyway, thanks to all those across the globe who tuned in last year and I hope you will tune in again.

It’s my New Years resolution to write more articles this year.

And thanks to Grainne for all those great articles from Muff.

Indeed her article Georgia was the best read article of the year, not including the DylanFest one.