Help the Homeless

I was watching the Irish Version of Dragon’s Den last night when a young man, 21 years of age, came on with a great way to Help the Homeless.

He is in his final year of university.

This was the final episode of the series and he was the last one on.

Vouchers to Help Homeless

He wanted €15,000 for 25% of the company.

The company make vouchers for the homeless.

They are vouchers for €1, €2 and €5.

They can be purchased from a number of outlets like newsagents, post offices etc.

They can only be spent on food, clothes and accommodation.

Money for the Homeless

Their research showed that  a lot of people would like to give money to the homeless but won’t do so as they think that they will spend it on drink and drugs.

Indeed, charities tell you to give it to them instead.

However, how often do you bump into a charity that does this?

It seems that 79% of people said that they would be more likely to give to the homeless if they could be sure it is spent on food, clothes and accommodation.

Vouchers for the Homeless

These vouchers solve that problem.

It’s such a simple solution that one wonders why no one thought of it before.

It seems that it is not being done anywhere.

It seems that there is a scheme in California but it’s not as good as this one.

There’s nothing in Britain like this.

Homeless in London

I remember when I worked in London that I sometimes gave money to homeless people in the street – but usually I didn’t as I thought that there was a good chance it would go on alcohol.

Sure, I could have found a homeless charity and given it to them.

However, like most people, unless they come looking for you, you don’t really have time or the inclination to seek them out.

However, if here was an opportunity to buy a few of the vouchers when I was in buying my newspaper or a sandwich, I would probably have bought a few.

Dragons Bought the Idea

Anyway, the Dragons chipped in the money for them. They even gave him double what he wanted, i.e. €30,000 for 25% of the business.

It’s not profit-making, so they are basically giving their money away – as well as their time.

They all offered expertise and help.

Even 5 Dragons who are highly innovative entrepreneurs hadn’t thought of something like this – and yet it is so simple.

The simplest ideas are often the best.

It was a 4th year college student who came up with it.

So, the money is going to be used in setting this all up in Dublin and then the rest of Ireland.

However, that’s just Ireland.

No one is doing it anywhere else.

London / UK Homeless

This would be a great boon in somewhere like London or other cities in the UK.

I know that CraicOn gets read in over 100 countries in the world.

If there’s anyone out there in those countries, specially in he UK, who can make this happen, please go for it.

The young man’s name is Gavin Duffy.

As one Dragon said, his parents must be very proud of him.

The Project is called Kara Ireland. Here’s its Twitter Page – Kara Ireland Twitter.

I bet one of the Dragons sign this young ideas man up when he leaves university next summer.

In the meantime, pass this on to anyone you think could help set it up elsewhere.