The WRITE STUFF is holding a Revision Day for the Mock Leaving Cert English (Higher Level) at Warrenview Manor Muff on Saturday 4th February. The day will run from 12pm-4pm and cost is €20.
Gráinne from The WRITE STUFF holds a BA and an MA in English/Irish Literature and boasts of her passion for all things Shakespeare. She will convince you of Shakespeare’s appeal to the modern day and leave you thinking that maybe he really was making sense after all!!
The day will focus on an approach to the English paper and pay particular attention to the importance of ‘time management’.
Paper I will be discussed and how best to choose your texts for Question A and What Question B suits YOU best. The Composing Section will also be discussed and there is always something there to suit your ability – be it a Personal Essay, Speech, Short Story, Descriptive Essay, Article – you just need to know which one suits you best.
An in-depth discussion on Hamlet (be prepared, she’s an enthusiast of this mans work), a general look at the Comparative section and a number of poets will also be covered.
This day will entail group discussion and encourage you to think about literature in a very different way. You are assured that you really will have a deeper understanding of the English paper by 4pm. Such is her passion for this paper.
Bring along your past papers (if in possession of such) on the day and notebook and pen. Instead of lots of handouts, oral discussion will take precedence.
To book your place for this Revision Day, send a wee PM to the FB page of The WRITE STUFF, E: [email protected] or call Gráinne on 0863148541. Bring a snack along also and your imagination – very important in Gráinne’s company!!!
Why are we reading Shakespeare in the modern day, over 400 years after he wrote these works? Why are we reading poets long dead (some still alive) and why do we need to do Comparative? Gráinne really will convince you of the necessities for all these areas even now in 2017. There will also be huge attention to a little section students tend to overlook – The Unseen Poem – this is worth 20 marks and is there to steal. The poem is on the paper. You just need to know how to read and critically analyze a poem. Marks that you really can get. A whole 20 if you’re cute! And know how to express yourself and use your imagination.
As Ben Jonson once said (a peer and friend of Shakespeare himself), “he was not of an age, but for all time”. Truer words have never been spoken. And as for the Irish poets this year, bliss – Boland and Durcan – two poets very much alive in the modern day.
Lots of fun is definitely in store and you will learn an appreciation of your English course!

Below are some comments from past students whom Gráinne has worked with for Leaving Cert English:
“I would highly recommend this for leaving cert English students! To my surprise and utter delight I received my honour in English for the one of the first times ever due to the helpful tips and notes Grainne provided me with.” (Noreen)
“I would definitely recommend Gráinne for help with the Leaving Cert English course! Gráinne provided me with tips and excellent material and made the course so much more enjoyable to study! Honestly couldn’t have done it without all of her help and her fun, caring personality!” (Eimear)
“Great help for the Leaving Cert English course!! Makes the whole course more understandable and approachable.” (Sorcha)
“Great help for leaving cert English, made the entire course so much more approachable. Highly recommend.” (Stephanie)
“My daughter surpassed all expectations in her English leaving cert exams after attending Grainne Mc Cool ‘ s classes. I recommend her wholeheartedly.” (Nikki)
“As a recent leaving cert student I couldn’t recommend this lady enough! With her help and encouragement I was able to secure my honour in a subject which I always previously found difficult. She helped me develop a new found love of the language and made studying much less daunting. If you’re considering getting grinds in English- Grainne is your answer!” (Niamh)