It’s not everyday the local barman turns the big 30. But today is just that very day. One Noel Atcheson, is now officially all grown up and about to hit the downward slope – only joking Noel – it’s all plain sailing from here on.
I could say he’s this and he’s that, but no point in waffling. He’s just that smiley faced chap who very kindly pours me a pint on a Saturday night. And he’s that chap who writes so finely and needs to write more. And he’s that chap who is quick to send you packing on a Saturday night too – all in the right way. Ah, bless he’s just lovely!!!
Perhaps one doesn’t stop to notice the style of this young man. Jeans and tee-shirt maybe at best of times, but there was a time when he looked like he was just off the catwalk. Ah bless, that was his First Communion Day. Didn’t he look handsome? Little has changed? Or has it.noel-30
Noel, here’s wishing you everything that’s fab at 30 and beyond. Do have a great day, and do act your age – you’re 30 now! That’s half way to 60!!!
Happiest of birthdays Noel Atcheson.birthday