It’s not everyday you get invited to a local ‘deli counter’ for a coffee tasting. But that’s exactly what I got today. Centra Muff have gotten a new coffee machine in store just this week and I was delighted to oblige and sample such today. Frank and Honest is the name, and Frank and Honest is the game. This really literally is quite simply Frank and Honest coffee. If there’s a comparison to a ‘decent’ cup of tea, then it’s now a ‘Frank and Honest’ cup of
An avid coffee lover and coffee shop frequent visitor, I’m no stranger to coffee. And so an invite like this is never overlooked. Today I decided to try the new latte at Centra. I wasn’t disappointed. It really is good and I shall indeed be trying the others in the not too distant future. A number of non-coffee drinkers often say to me that they’d love to drink coffee. This would be just the brand to get you introduced to great tasting coffee.
The new counter at Centra boasts a large array of teas and coffee, hot chocolate and more. And it’s a rather dashing display indeed. There’s even a home cooked mince pie to go with the hot drink! Bernie says she bakes them at 5am each morning but I’m reluctant to believe!!!coffee-2
“Frank and Honest was set up by a bunch of romantics who were tired of waiting around for the One. Sometimes you just have to take things into your own hands, you know, control your own destiny. So we sourced 100% Arabica beans from Brazil and Colombia and fell in love with the subtle hints of gingerbread and sherbet and the sweet aromas of brown sugar and white chocolate. It really was love at first taste.
coffee-3Best of all we found the perfect intelligent machine. Honestly it’s so smart, we are worried it might take over the world. Our machines work so fast it’s almost like there is an army of tiny baristas inside of it (which of course there isn’t, we don’t condone that kind of thing)”.

This one at Centra might just take over the store, or more!!! Try a new coffee now and see how Frank and Honest you are.