Mark McKinney is a well known local singer/songwriter. Hailing from Muff, he has never ventured far from here and yet his music has taken him everywhere. Such is the possibilities with music. One gets lost in the Arts and when one hears McKinney sing, it is no wonder that he has travelled endlessly within his music.
Mark has a new EP, due for release next month. Just in time for Christmas so it will be a perfect addition for that all important Christmas stocking.mark-1
Mark told me that “it’ll be available at the usual online shops itunes etc, CD’s will be available in local music shops or can be posted out: just contact me via Mark McKinney Singer/Songwriter on Facebook.”
The new EP consists of four tracks and each unique in its own way. McKinney has been on the music scene for many years. I recall him gigging in The Ture Inn many years ago, as a young man (not that’s he’s an old man now!!!).
I asked him about his music: “I wrote alot of songs when I was in my teens but fell away from music, well playing and writing for a few years and lost most of what I wrote – which might have been a good thing. I’m not sure how good or bad they were, but I’ve got back into writing this past 12 years and have written some good, and indeed some not so good, but I always wanted to record them – the best of them anyway.”
Mark continued: “I’d recorded demos beforehand but wanted to record and bring out an album and hopefully hear my songs on radio. I met up with Paul Casey and we had a good chat about what I wanted – what sound I was looking for etc and he told me what he could do. So I’ve four songs recorded and getting played on radio and I decided to take them out as an EP to get my music heard. We will record the rest for the album which hopefully will be done by spring/early summer next.”mark-2
If the EP is anything to go by, I don’t doubt the album will be eagerly awaited by many.
Mark has compiled a video on YouTube which you can view here Take me away. Well worth checking out.