Falcor – Moville Supergroup

It’s not often Movillians get an opportunity to hear The Yetis play these days unless they are getting married or attending the Inishowen Vintage Show or Greencastle Regatta.

However, tonight, in Rosatos, two of them, James McIvor and Paul Bredin, will be playing in Moville Supergroup Falcor.

The full line up for tonight is  James McIvor, Paul Bredin, Shaun McGonagle & James McDonald.

James & Niamh

Many of you will remember James McDonald from James & Niamh the young duo who had been gigging from the age of 14, in places like Rosatos, and who played the main stage at the now defunct Lighthouse Festival in the Square at the age of 15.

James has gone on to become a top musician in his own right playing both guitar and the drums.

Indeed he plays with a top Dublin band.

Shaun McGonagle

Shaun McGonagle, whom many of you will know, is a really top guitarist and one of the best in the whole area.

They all play in their own bands but they sometimes get together to play for Falcor as a bit of fun.

So, those out tonight are in for a real treat in Rosatos.