Longer Living Golfers

According to a new survey of 5,000 people, playing golf can extend your life by 5 years.

It can also alleviate a number of disorders.

Balance and muscle endurance are improved in people who play golf.

It results, also, in improved cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic health.

Cures Disease

It seems that playing golf can help those with chronic conditions such as:-

  1. heart disease,
  2. type 2 diabetes,
  3. colon and breast cancer and
  4. stroke, as well as
  5. helping reduce the risk of anxiety, depression and dementia.

It seems that diabetes shortens your life by 5 years. Well you can get that 5 years back again just by playing regular golf.

Men and Women

One thing that springs to mind is, if golf lets you live 5 years longer, why do women live 3 to 4 years longer than men, on average?

Perhaps if more women played golf they could live 8 or 9 years more than men who don’t play golf.

Or life may just seem longer to them.

Cooley Pitch and Putt

Perhaps Seamus Harkin should sell playing pitch and putt at his course in Cooley as being therapeutic.

Certainly, playing golf there, with its panoramic views over Lough Foyle could be termed relaxing.

Perhaps Seamus could rename it Life Extending Therapy Workshops rather than a game of Pitch and Putt.

That might get more people up there.

Cooley Still Open

By the way, the Pitch and Putt course up at Cooley is still open.

I played there just yesterday and saw the grass being cut again.

I should imagine it will be open at least till the weekend.

So, do yourself a favour, get up there, or to the golf course, and extend your life a bit whilst having a lot of fun in a stress free environment – with a great view.