Gay Northern Ireland

According to the latest survey by the Office for National Statistics in the UK, Northern Ireland has the biggest percentage of people who say that hey are Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual.

1.9% of the population of Northern Ireland claim to be gay which is above the UK average of 1.7%.

By country

  • Northern Ireland – 1.9%
  • England – 1.8
  • Scotland – 1.6
  • Wales – 1.6

The UK average is 1.7%

One would wonder what the DUP would think of that.

Indeed one wonders what the Reverend Ian Paisley would make of it if was still alive.

LBG Count

Of course, this is only the figures for those that admit to being gay so people in Northern Ireland may be more honest than those in England, Scotland or Wales.

Or indeed, Northern Ireland may be a more enlightened country than the other three countries in the UK.

The least Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual are in the UK is the east of England with 1.2% saying they are gay.

London Tops

The highest LBG area in the UK is London with 2.6%.

One suggests that this is because London has always been a refuge for those who have been discriminated against in their small towns and villages throughout the land.

One doesn’t know if the laws in Northern Ireland are more friendly towards LBGs than in the other parts of the UK as they have more of them than anywhere else.

One suspects not.

Perhaps this is a constituency that the parties in Northern Ireland should be more vigorous in pursuing.