Late July 2016 and the village of Muff welcomed one of it’s finest establishments. Our very own coffee shop opened its doors. I’ve been blogging for some time requesting such for a number of years now. I’ve resigned to popping to the local butchers on occasion for coffee (and Tom delivered the said coffee in style). But alas, nothing compares to the chilled out space of a fine Coffee Shop space.workshop-1
And that’s exactly what we find at The Workshop Coffee Co. It’s a coffee lovers haven and a spot for meeting, greeting, relaxing and re-connecting. It has a great array of food, coffee, teas and more. From breakfast to lunch, snacking to desserts, and always a little extra. It’s all right here in the village now.
Coffee shops are a passion of mine and I’m guessing that being on my third reward card says it all for The Workshop Coffee Co.workshop-2
It’s always a delight to walk in somewhere new and see local staff. Staff who say ‘hello’ and welcome you with a smile. Staff who go that extra mile. Even that’s at The Workshop Coffee Co. And it’s open Sundays!!
So if it’s a catch up with an old friend, a lonesome coffee escape, or even a business lunch/coffee meeting, this place caters for all. Seating areas to suit all, corners for two, large seating for family affairs. And a decor that any city centre haven would envy. workshop-3
So after years of preaching for my coffee shop, I’ve finally got it. And it’s one that has impressed to date. I don’t doubt that it will continue to do so.
Welcome to Muff ‘The Workshop Coffee Co.’ Here’s wishing you a long and happy life here….now for a coffee!!