Moville’s Beautiful Houses

The Tidy Towns adjudicators have given Moville high marks.

Here is what they say about Moville’s houses and which ones they like best.

“The adjudicator is impressed with the residences all along the Main Street and also along the Green towards the
pier. There are delightful terraces of housing in various spots. “
Well they were obvious ones. They also liked the estates.

Moville and Greencastle Estates

“Estates look very well. One on the Greencastle Road, of fine residences, is secluded by a hedge which gives that area a mystique of its own.
“Similarly on the Malin Road there is a terrace of about eight houses that are elevated above the road except there is no seclusion in this case, their delightful gardens sweep down to the retaining wall on the road.
“These houses are beautifully presented on their elevated perch.”

Newpark Gardens, Ard Foyle and Bath Terrace Lane

The adjudicators also notice the difference in the styles of the different ages of the houses and estates.
“There is a sharp contrast between the ages of the housing and the styles. On the Greencastle side there are lovely estates such as Newpark Gardens with substantial houses and lots of open space.
They also like the local authority housing estates, which have impressed them.
“Just off the town centre there are many estates, many of local authority houses which also boost the
housing stock of the town with pride exuding from homes in Ard Foyle or Bath Terrace Lane.

Montgomery Terrace and Riverwood

They are impressed also with Montgomery Terrace and Riverwood
“Montgomery terrace is a seaside delight.
“On the Malin side the houses are newer and sized according the to time of build.
“Fine gardens in Riverwood, for instance but the public realm is a concern here.”
They reckon there should be more flowers and boxes in the Malin Road.
“There is a block of town houses on the right as one arrives on the Malin Road but there is not a flower or a plant or a tub to be seen, by contrast with the lovely landscaping across the road.

The Moville Riviera

Then they are mightily impressed with Quay Street and the River Row, Moville’s Riviera, where the Beautiful People hang out.
“While on a walk about one had the privilege of enthusing over the delights on Quay Street and River Row.