It wasn’t a great summer this year.

However, the weather must have been just right for the blackberries though.

They are aplenty at the moment.

And they are large and lush.

The blackberries down this way are the juiciest in years.

Expect to see lots of post of jam for sale in local shows with the plentiful supply of the blackberries this year.

Blackberry Porridge

I’ll be going out shortly to pick some more.

I have them in my cereal in the morning – cornflakes or porridge.

I make my porridge with milk rather than water.

I then put in some blackberries or other berries while it is cooking.

I put some in early so they dissolve into the porridge and some later on so that there are some whole blackberries there.

I add just a touch of salt.

After I put the porridge out, I pour some pouring cream on it.