There were not many butterflies in Moville this year.

There were a few at the beginning in late May / early June.

However, they were few and far between after that.

Obviously it wasn’t perfect weather for them.

Different Weather

It looks as if butterflies and dragonflies like different types of weather.

There’s nothing nicer on a beautiful summer’s day than to see the different types of butterfly that Moville has fill the skies as they flutter by.

I remember from my holidays here when I was a kid that there were more species of butterfly here than there were back hone.

Cabbage White Butterfly

Cabbage White Butterfly

We never had those small blue ones back home.

Not This Year

But for some reason they weren’t to be found much his year.

Maybe they like the same kind of weather as us, as opposed to the dragonflies that are currently infesting us.

“It’s weather for ducks” people say when it is belting down with rain.

Maybe when it is overcast and grey in future we could say that it is weather for dragonflies.

I’d rather it was weather for butterflies though.