It’s not every morning that one gets invited to a new garden, wee house, and more, for a cup of tea and a trip down the proprietor’s memory lane. But earlier today I got just that. This wasn’t any cup of tea, it really was an insight into an exceptional newly developed garden, patio and ‘wee house’ area. A garden that contains memorabilia from Shaz’s life and family. Shaz teaAnd well a cup of tea that really did take second place to the view that was in store.
Shaz had told me about the new ‘wee house’ and invited me for that cuppa in early summer. Somehow there was never time to pop along and well this very morning proved the perfect time for the said visit. The sun shone and everything looked bright, summery and inviting. Even Willie the dog paid me a visit!Shaz house
Shaz had her ‘wee house’ built earlier this year, and to say it’s a welcoming hive would be such an understatement. It’s a real hive of nick nacks and personal familial items. And of course there’s a kettle, tea sets and even a number of optics!! I’ll sample these on another occasion.
The first thing I noticed in the ‘wee house’ was a ‘cook book shelf’. Just what on earth did this mean. Shaz told me this cook book is in her possession since girlhood. Having full attendance at school over a number of years, Shaz was awarded a book token for her dedication. With the said token she bought a cook book. That cook book is now a quirky shelf in her new ‘wee house’. Shaz shelf
Outside in the garden I saw what looks like an old door. But what stood out was the number on the door. I guessed it had some significance. And that it certainly had. It represented the number of Shaz’s home where she grew up on Shaz doorBishop Street, Derry. What a poignant piece to have as a keepsake.
The main garden area is a hive of exploration and adventure. At every turn there is something old, something new, something borrowed and even something blue. But amidst it all are memories. There’s even a little bit of the son and daughter who now live out of the home. They’re never far away as little pieces of them are everywhere. Be it above the ‘wee house’ door, or peeping at the old door in the garden. Even the grandson has his own little haven.
Forget about buying ‘Country’ magazine this month, or even ‘House and Home’, Craicon Muff has the garden of our time, right here. Shaz garden
Check out some more pics on Craic On Muff FB page.
I really did feel like ‘Alice in Wonderland’ this morning!