People’s DylanFest

I just spent a very pleasant afternoon outside Rosatos.

It was an unplugged impromptu session.

Indeed they are still there playing away.

There were four guitarists, including Mickey the Hat.

A good crowd of maybe 40-50 gathered round and joined in the choruses and for the well know songs like Blowin In The Wind and Like a Rolling Stone as well as Stuck Inside of Moville.

They were still all there when I left a few minutes ago and for all I know they might play through the evening up to he main event.

Bobby And Al

I also went down to the Caiseal Mara to hear the new Dylan Supergroup, comprised of Bobby Does Dylan, Al Diesan and Tony Cooper, a top keyboards player who has come over from Scotland with Bobby.

Maybe we can call them the BAT Men, Bobby, Al and Tony.

The sound was amazing. It’s going to be fantastic tonight.

He’s got a soundman and a lights man over with him.

The Crews

Bobby is an actor by trade, starring recently in The Crews on STV, Scotland’s version of the Sopranos – and Bobby was the equivalent of Tony Soprano.

He was a bit disappointed recently as he was contracted to be in Trainspotters 2, currently being filmed. They were going to use Bobby’s Dylan performance. However, they then informed him that they were going to go in another direction with it.

Bobby is a showman and he says he doesn’t just play Dylan, he puts on a performance.

That’s going to start at 9:45 tonight in the Caiseal Mara with A Diesan on first then Bobby and then Al, although they will be playing many songs together. From what I heard and saw it will be great.

Rosatos and The Clock

Playing tonight in Rosatos will be that brilliant American, Michael Thomas, who now plays both the DylanFest and BeatlesFest. Indeed he can do a full Dylan set, Beatles set, Hendrix set and Pink Floyd set with his band, light show and all.

In The Clock tonight will be a top Dylan band from Derry, String Fellas. They’re well worth seeing.

Open Mic

While I was outside Rosatos listening to the Very Open Mic I noted the number of camper vans that were arriving in town and presumably headed for the hostel.

I also noted the number of cars and vans who tooted their horns as they passed the assembled singers.

This was the people’s part of the DylanFest and very enjoyable for that.

Come Gather Round

I think it is going to be a great night tonight.

If you are thinking about whether you should come out tonight, or not, remember that after Sunday night, Moville falls off a cliff and the only thing between then and Christmas is Halloween.

So, come gather round people for the last knockings of the summer season.