Al Diesan

Al Diesan absolutely nailed it last night on the Opening night of the DylanFest on the Lough 2016.

He seems to get better each year he comes over.

A delighted audience cheered and applauded each song he played.

Present were some old friends who we haven’t seen since DylanFest 2015.

There were also new visitors to the festival as well as some local Dylan fans.

al diesan in Rosatos at DylanFest

Al Diesan playing In Rosatos 2013

Great Audience

It was a great audience for a first night.

Al will be playing every night at the festival.

Tonight he will be playing in The Clock and on Saturday he will be joining Bobby Does Dylan in the Caiseal Mara hotel.

On Sunday night he closes the festival in Rosatos.

Tonight at the DylanFest

Elsewhere tonight there will be Bobby Does Dylan in the Caiseal Mara hotel, Sean Hiboy in Rosatos and Paddy the Shoe in Rawdons.

It’s been a great start to the festival.

Tonight will be even better.