Moville Activities

It looks as if it is going to be great weather in Moville during the DylanFest.

So, how can DylanFest visitors take advantage of that to do a few other things?


There are a number of good beaches.

There is a small one in Moville itself and a better one at Carnagarve about a mile along the shore which can be reached from the shore or down Lafferty’s Lane form the main road going from Moville to Greencastle.

There’s an even better beach at Shrove (or Stroove) just six miles away. You go past Greencastle and go straight ahead.

There’s an even better beach at Kinnagoe Bay with golden sands which I think is about 10 miles away.

Golf Courses

There are two golf courses. The first is an 18-hole links course just past Greencastle and there is a 9-hole one attached to the luxurious Redcastle Hotel which also has a spa, swimming pool and gym.

I think it is about €25 to play for both of them.

Pitch and Putt

For those that don’t want to play a full round of golf there is the Pitch and Putt course at Cooley which is up the road just past Centra as you leave Moville on the Derry Road.

It is 18 holes, has a great view over the lough and costs just a fiver per game.

The course record is 51 for the 18 holes.

Kayaking and Canoeing

If you want a bit more action there is a kayaking and canoeing facility on the shore in Bath Green, Moville.


My brother-in-law is a documentary maker from San Francisco and he reckons that the shore walk from Moville to Greencastle along the shores of Lough Foyle is one of his favourite walks in the world.

Greencastle is a fishing village.

When you get to Greencastle you can get a drink in a nice beer garden or a bag of fresh fish and chips.

You can either walk back along the shore or get a taxi.

Cooley Cross

Cooley Cross

Cooley Cross

This is an ancient site and there are currently a whole bunch of archaeologists in town digging up ancient artefacts. That’s up just past the pitch and putt course.


There is a ferry from Greencastle to Magilligan in Northern Ireland. There’s a nice restaurant called The Point on the other side or you can continue on to look about the place. The Giant’s Causeway is reachable from there. How often will you get a chance to see that?

Magilligan also has a fantastic beach which I’m told is about 5 miles long and the second longest beach in Europe.


Tony Bramwell, the Beatles Road manager, PR Guy and talent scout, and best friend of George Harrison and Paul McCartney when they were kids, told a journalist that his favourite three places in the world were Nashville, Hawaii and Moville (he comes for the BeatlesFest).

He also said that Rosatos was one of his favourite bars in the world – and he has probably been in most of them.

..and then there’s the DylanFest.