Girl from the North Country visits Moville misses Dylanfest. Eileen Dahill/Minneapolis/USA

My cousin’s Big Fat Irish Wedding

I think I will be remembered as the American cousin at the wedding in Belfast who not only ate her entire PAVLOVA, but finished everyone elses at the table as well. But long ago, as a catering server for a golf club, I would consider my cousin Donna’s wedding completely over the top. After the service, there was a light reception while the bride and groom were whisked away in a horse and carriage for pictures. It was followed by a formal dinner, lovely table wines, The PAVLOVA, wedding cake and then sandwiches later in the evening.. and a candy cart. In the midst of wondering if I should go for a long walk in high heels to settle the enormous amount of food I just ate my cousin Margaret Linden remarked, “Its too bad that you are not here next weekend for the Dylanfest in Donegal.” Margaret went on to tell me about how great the craic would be, how fab the musicians are, how lively the town would be and one more dig at “ around. But I WAS going to Moville. I said nothing and just picked at her PAVLOVA that she hardly touched.

But I was going to Moville. I had only told my cousin Peter and his fiance Kathleen.

“Well if snowflakes storm where the river’s freeze and the summer ends..” (Girl from the North Country Dylan’63)

I have mentioned Bob Dylan in several Craic On posts. Including his portrait done in seed art at the Minnesota State Fair, my friend Bill Watkins going to his concert in Birmingham, England with his mom as a young lad, and a quick summer tour of Dylan haunts near the University he attended for a visitor, and of lastly my friend Patti competing in the Dylan Song fest in Hibbing, Minnesota. It was nice to put the two together for a few days even if I could not be at the Dylanfest.

Bob Dylan’s next concert is not scheduled until Friday, October 7th, 2016 at the Empire Polo Club. Bob Dylan and is band are part of a two weekend concert series called ‘Desert Trip’. Despite being able to hob knob with rock legends like Paul McCartney, The Who, The Stones, Neil Young, and Roger Waters at this mega-festival in California, I could see Bob Dylan slipping away to Moville Bob Dylan has often been sited on his own still being the common man on the street. I think he was born under a wandering star in Duluth, Minnesota and can shed the glamour of being a music icon still quite easily.

Accommodations in Moville would be no problem for Mr. Dylan. I am sure ‘his people’ would arrange to book something at the last minute.

Dylan just seems like a man who would rather carry a harmonica in his pocket than a cell phone. Despite scheduled Dylanfest performances at The Clock, Rosatos, and Caiseal Mara (which I am sure he would be more than welcome to sit in on), I think he would rather end up supporting a group at an open mike or listening in on a jam seisun in Moville’s town square. Maybe, just maybe, still able to pose as an itinerant musician for a set.

But I think Bob Dylan would come to Moville to paint. Bob Dylan the visual artist would be inspired by Moville. His paintings and sketchings have been displayed in galleries all over the world. His iron collages are everyday items of the working man. Train tracks periodically appear in his work. Could Bob capture the man gathering winkles in Moville at low tide? Or the small white dog brave enough to chase the large white seagulls? It seems like Molville is meant for every corner to capture a memory. If I could draw with anything more than crayons, I would paint the day at Shrove Beach. Perhaps another pristine day is waiting for Mr. Dylan someday in Moville.