Stuck Inside of Moville, the DylanFest on the Lough

DylanFest 2016 is on in Moville from August 25th to 28th, with, perhaps, the best acts we’ve ever had. The pubs involved this year are Rosatos, Caiseal Mara Hotel, The Clock and Rawdons.

DylanFest Acts

Bobby Does Dylan

An Actor by trade Bobby has a fantastic sound and lights show. He uses his acting ability to put on a performance. He played at the Tall Ships race in Greenock and then at the Oran Mor in Glasgow in front of 9,000 people. Here’s a clip of a song that he played outside. (go down the page and click on the video of Like A Rolling Stone).

Bob Dylan saw the clip and asked a top Scottish DJ to find the singer. He tracked down Bobby and was told that Dylan wanted to see him next time he was in Glasgow. He met Dylan two years ago for a 5 minute chat. If you see him ask him about the conversation. Dylan played a great prank on him.

Here’s a short clip of him playing – Bobby Does Dylan at Albany Theatre.

Al Diesan

Al Diesan Rosatos 2013

Al Diesan Rosatos 2013

Al is the best-loved of all the acts that come here. Two years ago’s gig in Rosatos on the Saturday night was said by many to be the best gig ever at the DylanFest. It was like a stadium crowd who roared their approval as each song was announced and sang along with many. Al said he’d never had that feeling before and he’s been playing Dylan for 25 years. See Al in Rosatos in 2010 here

Michael Thomas

New Yorker, Michael Thomas,  now operates out of Portstewart. Has played many times with Henry McCullough, the only Irishman to play at Woodstock. He recently won his heat (out of 8 acts) in Busker Abu, an all-Ireland contest to find the best busker on these shore. He is a virtuoso guitar player and Michael Bradley, the Undertones base guitarist and BBC radio pundit complemented him on his virtuoso playing when he heard him at BBC Radio Foyle.

Shaun Hiboy

Shaun is a local Guitar player and singer who learned his first Dylan songs from Paddy the Shoe and has played at all the previous DylanFests both by himself and supporting visiting musicians such as Michael Moravek from Germany.

Paddy the Shoe

Paddy has seen Dylan over 40 times. As the local principal he has brought up two generations of music loving and Dylan loving Movillians and was the inspiration for setting up the DylanFest on the Lough or Stuck Inside of Moville.

String Fellas

Top Dylan band from Derry they have played several of the DylanFests in Moville.

Mickey the Hat

Mickey is from North Wales and plays lesser known Dylan songs for the real hardcore fans. You’ll see him at the Open Mics.


Stuck Inside of Moville Programme of Events

Note:– There will be an Open Mic in the seats outside Rosatos at any time of the day that anyone wants to play. There will be an appreciative audience.

Come Gather Round People Night (Thu)

10:00 – Rosatos – Al Diesan

Lay, Lady Lay Night (Fri)

10:00 – Caiseal Mara – Bobby Does Dylan

10:30 – The Clock – Al Diesan

10:30 – Rosatos – Sean Hiboy

10:30 – Rawdons – Paddy the Shoe

Mr Tambourine Man Afternoon ( Sat)

2:00pm – Open Mic at Circle at White Wall in Bath Green on the shore

6:00 – Open Mic in Pub to be decided.

All Along the Watchtower Night (Sat)

10:00 – Caiseal Mara – Bobby Does Dylan with Al Diesan

10:30 – Rosatos – Michael Thomas

10:30 – The Clock – String Fellas

Forever Young Afternoon (Sun)

2:00pm – Open Mic at Circle at White Wall in Bath Green on the shore (weather permitting)

6:00 – Open Mic in Pub to be decided.

No Direction Home Night (Sun)

10:00 – Rosatos – Al Diesan

7:30 – The Clock – Graham Maree


Moville is a small picturesque town in the countryside in Donegal which lies 18 miles north of Derry on a straight road along the salmon fishing Lough Foyle.

City of Derry is the nearest airport with Ryanair running cheap flights to there – especially if booked in advance. Through Ryanair we are in easy reach of the West of Scotland, Liverpool, Birmingham and London (Stansted).
A taxi to Moville from the airport costs £28.

Belfast’s airports are about 1.5 hours away. An Airporter Bus outside the airport takes you straight to Derry.


See Moville Holiday Hostel

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See Bed and Breakfast in Moville

See Redcastle Hotel – It’s a great plush hotel with Spa, swimming pool, gym and golf course. You could book early for this year’s festival as it will be all booked out by festival time

Caiseal Mara Hotel – It is in town. It has 24 rooms.

See Caiseal Mara Hotel which is in the middle of Moville.

For the self catering and B&B accommodation becoming available click on Accommodation Available

Moville People

If you have Bed and Breakfast or self-catering facilities to let for the DylanFest, and you are not already on the appropriate pages, let us know at and we will add you.