Del Boy is best known as the happy go lucky, cheeky character from Only Fools and Horses. Played by David Jason, he’s a character loved by all. However, we here in Muff have had our very own Del Boy for a few years now. Sometimes known as Simon, but more so as Del Boy.
Much like his name sake, he is also a happy go lucky, cheeky character (well it’s true Simon!!). Thanks to the wonderful Ashley our Del Boy has finally settled down and married his lovely wife just last weekend.simon and ashley Ashely of course is better know as the miracle worker here in the village ensuring we all look our best when a night out or special occasion is the order of the day. Thank heavens for her profession or the lord knows what shape many of us would be in at times!!
As Del Boy Simon set of to wed his new bride last Friday, he did so in a different style to most. There was no Rolls Royce in tow. There was no limo in tow. There was just one car fit for the occasion. That of course being Trotters van. Del Boy 1
But as our Del Boy Simon settles down, it’s time for him to move aside and let the new Del Boy take over the role of his now name sake. Little Shea is not only going to break hearts, I’m sure he’ll do even more damage with the looks he is currently showcasing. And he even looks the part in his new wheels!
Simon, it’s goodbye to your Del Boy charm. Little Shea ozzes his charm spectacularly. Muff’s newest Del Boy is now the main man. How cute is he? Del Boy 2 I’m sure even David Jason himself would be proud of this new takeover. And I’d say there’s nothing Jason need teach him. The look on that wee face tells us he knows it all already!!! Here’s hoping he learned it all from his mother!!!!!
Here’s wishing Simon and Ashley every happiness in their new married life, and of course one can’t forget the little Del Boy himself, Shea. Here’s to every happiness one and all.