BeatlesFest Saturday Night

The Saturday night is always a big night at the BeatlesFest.

Michael Thomas, that great virtuoso guitarist, will be playing in Rosatos.

Michael learned to play and gig in New York.

He now lives in Portstewart across the Foyle.

Henry McCullough

He often played with Henry McCullough who played with Paul McCartney in Wings and was the only Irishman to play at Woodstock.

Henry, himself, played the very first BeatlesFest in the Bar-a-Cuda.

I was at the O2 in Dublin to see Paul McCartney play a few years ago.

He played his song My Love from his Wings period.

After he played it he announced, “The man who made the guitar solo on it is in the audience tonight, stand up Henry McCullough. I looked round and Henry was standing up waving to the audience who cheered loudly.

Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas plays at all the BeatlesFests and now plays the DylanFest too.

The crowd tonight will be wondering if he is going to do his speciality Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones.

Michael and his band can do a full Beatles tribute, full Dylan tribute, full  Hendrix tribute and full Pink Floyd tribute.

He’s well worth seeing.

The Clock

Playing tonight in The Clock are Electric Fly, one of the best bands in Derry and one of the best bands that play in Moville.

They will be playing a mixed set of Beatles songs and other Rock and pop Classics.

Then tomorrow we will be having the debut of the Cavern Brothers (the Cavanagh Brothers), perhaps the top band in the whole area, who will play a full Beatles set in The Clock.

Legendary Drummer

They will be joined by, they tell me, a legendary drummer, whose name they are keeping secret until the event. It seems that he has played with lots of top names in the music industry.

Playing tomorrow night in the Caiseal Mara will be that great young Beatles band from near Belfast, Dahlia whom some of you may have seen last night in Rosatos.

Damien Sheridan, one of the most popular local acts, will be playing in Sunday night in Rosatos.

It sounds like a bumper couple of days.