Last night not only saw the opening of Muff Festival 2016, but it also saw the Festival crown the Queen of Queens! Queen’s from the past number of decades returned to compete for the title.
Natalie Dunn, the noughties Queen, entertained the audience with her memories of the night she was crowed Muff Festival Queen in 2012. She has fond memories of the occasion and went on to enjoy a great year following. Natalie then gave a stunning performance, singing ‘Our Wedding Day.’DSC_0275
Teresa O’Donnell, the 90’s Queen then recalled her night of being crowned Muff Festival Queen. Teresa recalled how her Dad, one of the founding members of Muff Festival, was very proud.DSC_0280
Frances Devine (nee Hegarty) was the night’s 80’s Queen. Dressed in her flower powered outfit, Frances spoke highly of the much loved decade. She also told us how her escort that night all those years ago is her now husband and father to her 4 year old twins. Frances then took her Dad Charlie out to the dance floor and entertained with a delightful Waltz.DSC_0296
The judges did take some time to decide but alas, the 80’s will always rule the day! Queen of Queens, Frances Devine wears the crown!
Congratulations Frances and here’s to a great year ahead as Muff Festival Queen 2016.