Earlier today saw one of the children’s highlights of the annual Muff Festival: The Teddy Bear’s Picnic. Children young and not so young gather each Saturday of the Festival for the past 35 years to enjoy this entertainment and picnic event. For many years now it really has been the highlight of the Saturday for the young kids.
This morning was no exception. The Festival marquee was filled to capacity with the little ones and their parents/grandparents.DSC_0445
One such family were accompained by their Grandad. The said man is well known in the community and a huge part of it. He is very much the doting Grandad and even had his teddy in tow today. Alongside the children of course! As the show got underway, Vincie was dancing along to the music and maybe enjoying the show more than expected. But alas…..when it came to the interval and the ‘picnic’ time, poor Vincie remembered he had forgotten to pack the picnic!!DSC_0464
The little ones surely went home to Mummy this afternoon starving. Poor kids. However, it goes without saying that Granda did enjoy bopping along to the music and was clearly very attached to his teddy. DSC_0518Food, who needs food!! Not the Farren children clearly!!!!! Maybe next year, he’ll remember the ‘picnic’ element of the Teddy Bear’s Picnic!!