It’s now two years since I blogged on a weekly basis about the fit camp I was part of. I’m still part of that same camp, but just not attending! Mia FunFitness camp introduced me to a whole new level of fitness I’d left behind 20 years prior. But over that 8 months I really did reclaim the level I do believe I had in those teenage years (OK, maybe my 20’s), but nevertheless I was fit, toned, healthy and enjoying it. I’m still enjoying it, but the previous three elements have quietly dwindled!
During that fit camp period I was introduced to the world of Yoga. A ritual I always deemed as a simple exercise and not real exercise. I imagined (or thought I knew it to be) easy, non-energetic and only for the faint hearted. When I attended that first class with Fran, I was pulled into the reality of Yoga, big time. I left that first morning session in love (kind of). I so enjoyed it, and knew I’d found a new passion.
Over the coming months I began attending Yoga on a weekly basis. I was pulled, pushed, prodded, and found myself in positions I didn’t think a body capable of being in. But, hell I was in them…alongside the rest of the fit camp gang. Yoga Fab
Shortly after I left fit camp (owing to injury), a regular Yoga class began in the village (Muff), and FAB Yoga was born. Two evenings a week and I enrolled. For the first few weeks I was loving it. Days and time suited. Then work took over and I had to miss the sessions. I missed them in so many ways. Even the social element they offered. When winter was over I was returning. Work would quieten down. It didn’t! But eventually, a few weeks ago I managed to get a Wednesday night free and to FAB Yoga I did return. It was just as I remembered. The stretches and the poses were still as mad, crazy and at times impossible, but I tried. I left feeling accomplished and rewarded. yoga crow
The weeks will not permit me to attend at all times, but when time does allow I’m now considering myself part of the gang again. I never really went away. I was always lurking in the background. It will probably always be such, but I will continue to lurk.Yoga
Fran can incorporate a wee amateur like myself alongside her regular attendees. She welcomes newcomers on a weekly basis and never forgets that they are just that, newcomers. I guess I’ll always be a ‘newcomer’ but I’ll always be allowed to feel like a regular. Such is her welcome and her continued supportive nature.
The mat will always knock me, but I will continue to knock it too.
From being a crow, to a baby, a table to a cat, and at all times a downward dog, I’m going to Yoga my way through it. I’m going to catch that hand behind my back one of these weeks and then I’ll know I’ve made it.
The only doubt I have is this lady’s use of the word/term ‘graceful’. She continually uses it. I’m thinking perhaps I need to buy her a dictionary. Surely she really doesn’t understand the true meaning. There really is NOTHING graceful about any position I find myself in whilst on that mat. Mind you one can’t but admit when one (like me), falls out of the said pose and pops a wee juke at herself, she actually does look flipping graceful. Hell, I just don’t get it!!!yoga downward dog
For a wee taster of FAB Yoga pop along to the Performance Marquee on Sunday 31st July during Muff Festival 2016 and see for yourself just what it involves. I guarantee you really won’t be disappointed. Just leave the word ‘graceful’ at home.
FAB Yoga runs on a Monday night and a Wednesday night from 7.30pm – approx. 8.45pm at QPS Clubhouse in Muff.