Moville Boys School

It seems that the old Moville Boys School was burnt down last night.

We’ve had that confirmed from separate sources.

It’s not known yet what the problem was.

In these cases it is often the electrics.

Moville Boys School 1

Moville Boys School 1

Moved to New School

Before anyone not from here gets too worried (and more than 40% of our audience is from outside Ireland), the school is no longer used.

They moved into a new school a few years ago and so nothing takes place there now.

However, a lot of people have a lot of memories of the school.

Indeed most of Moville’s people will have gone through that school.

It used to be the Boys School but when the Girls school closed they merged and used the boys school too with mixed classes.

I’m told that ” It was in fact planned to upgrade the building and for the local primary Gael Scoil to move in there from their current pre fab buildings at Carnagarve.”

Burnt Memories

When a school is closed down or, like this one, burns down, it closes the chapter on a lot of memories.

People will still have the memories but those from here, who have moved abroad, won’t be able to go up and look at their old school to stir the memories again when they return for a visit.

I couldn’t even find any pictures of it in Google Images.

However, they still have the memories, good and bad.

PS – I’m told that the garda were going from door to door at houses up near the school.

Moville Boys School 3

Moville Boys School 3