Moville Sports Day

It’s one of the big events of the year in Moville – yes, it’s Moville Sports Day again.

It’s run to raise funds for Moville Celtic football team.

It’s time for the sporting challenges, the football five-a-side, the pole fighting, sandwiches, Rosatos hot dogs and burgers and the Bonny Babies contest.

It kicks off at 2:30pm.

It’s always a lot of fun.

Lucky With Weather

They might be lucky with the weather today.

There are showers up to about 2:30pm when it starts and then there should be no more till around 6:30pm.

That should suit them fine.

It should be cloudy but comfortably warm.

They’ve managed to get that 4 hour window of OK weather.

It’s well worth a trip down to the Bay Field today.