Rosatos Music

Playing in Rosatos tonight will be that great young duo Niamh & Amy.

Rosatos goers will remember Niamh from her James & Niamh days when they were regulars in Rosatos from the age of 14.

Niamh and Amy would remind me very much of Debbie and Geraldine who would be just about my favourite act in town.

Sailors’ Return

On Sunday night it is The Sailors’ Return.

Sailor’s Return is Pete and Jack.

Pete played with Gareth McLaughlin in the early days of the BeatlesFest.

He’s gone the traditional music route now.

They really are very good.

Passed the Audition

They trialled in Rosatos last Sunday night and passed the audition with flying colours.

They’re not fundamentalist traditional musicians.

Most of their music is sung and they play some rocky numbers in a traditional style too.

They have now been booked every Sunday night in July and August except for the BeatlesFest and DylanFest weekends.

I would think Sunday nights will be busy in Rosatos for the next couple of months. You won’t be disappointed if you come along.

Paddy the Shoe is going to join them and they are happy for others to come along and join in.