Parton With Cash

Simon Peters, one of Ireland’s top country stars is to play Moville’s Parton With Cash Country Festival.

He will be appearing at The Clock on Friday.

He is only 16 years of age but he is already the youngest singer ever to be invited to play at Nashville.

He appeared on Jupiter Midnight, the world’s 2nd oldest radio station which goes out to millions of Americans.

He appeared live in front of a huge audience on the show.

Late Late Show

He has previously appeared on the Late Late Christmas Show.

I was going to say he is a future star but with the amount of YouTube hits he has had with his songs, he’s already a big name on the Irish country scene.

He released a song he wrote himself last year. It’s already had 67,000 views on YouTube.

A duet he did with another country singer has over 250,000 YouTube views.

He’s an amazing singer with a great future.

He has his occupation on Facebook as Songwriter and he already a big earner from it at the age of 16.

It’s an opportunity for Movillians to see him in The Clock on Friday night.