Later today the country will be at a standstill as we all take time out of our busy lives to watch Ireland’s opening match against Sweeden in the Euro 2016 footie competition. Many of our local folk have gone to France for this game, and indeed subsequent games.
Last night social media was awash with the fun and antics of the Irish fans in Paris and throughout France in general. As always they are enjoying themselves in style. As only the Irish can do.
But amongst this hype of Soccer mania is another well known local businessman. He left Muff last week under the allusion that he too was off to enjoy Ireland as they play in the Euros 2016. However, the secret is out. The Euros 2016 was a disguise. It was a way to leave without a party. This man is the life and soul of a party but alas, that will be no more. Lamb chops and guinness have been swapped for a black habit and days of fasting.Thomas nuns
Thomas McColgan has joined the Convent. And that wee wooden house has been his solace in recent weeks. No, it’s not a coffee shop, or a wine stopover, it is in fact the quite retreat and contemplative hideaway our butcher has been using to ‘find his calling’.
So as France is awash with ‘green’ today, you should find Thomas awash in ‘Black’. The black habit of the Parisian nuns.