The Clock

Last night saw the opening of the National Songwriter Festival in Moville.

Playing last night was up and coming Derry talent Thomas John, one of Derry’s top acts, Paul Casey, and the fantastically talented Spring Tides.

There was a very good crowd to see them too.

I wondered at first though when I walked in at about 9:45pm.

There was maybe about 15 people there. However, the crowd grew throughout the night.

Thomas John Music

Up first was Thomas John who has a wonderful touch on the guitar who played for about half an hour.

Everyone in the place clapped his songs.

He wants to play the BeatlesFest in Moville and I’m sure we can get him gigs if he is available.

Paul Casey

Paul Casey, top musical talent from Derry

Paul Casey, Derry Legend

Next up was Paul Casey who is one of the biggest names in Derry, which has more than its fair share of musical talent.

He is a fantastic acoustic guitarist and the whole audience listened in awed silence – until it was time to clap which everyone did for each song with a special clap as he finished up.

I’m sure Moville would love to see them both again.

Spring Tides

Then it was time for Spring Tides.

Once again they played a great set of their own songs to an appreciative audience.

Word most have gone out over mobile phones as the crowd grew and grew as the night went on.

The night was a big success and Spring Tides definitely didn’t let us down in the exalted Derry company.

McGettigan’s Gig

Next up is the gig in McGettigan’s which starts at 3pm today. Playing at around 4pm will be international songwriter Jim McLean who is coming from Belfast to play. He’s played at many festivals in both Ireland and England.

Following him at around 5pm will be the 16-year-old singing sensation Simon Peters, who has appeared on the Late, Late Toy Show singing one of his own songs and he is the youngest person to have been invited to play at Nashville on a radio station going out live to millions of Americans.

Lawrence Hackett in the Sean Ti

Then tonight it is the Sean Ti, where Lawrence Hackett will appear for the first time there since he won the Songwriter Contest there 3 or 4 years ago in such style and with such a great song, along with Matthew Brown and East Street Pickings from Derry and Leo McCauley from Moville.

It was a great first night – but this is the big day at the national songwriters festival in Moville.

It should be great!