Lawrence Hackett

The Sean Ti in Greencastle has lined up a bumper night of music for the National Songwriter Festival in Moville & Greencastle.

It will take place on Saturday night from about 9pm onwards.

Topping the bill will be Lawrence Hackett from Cork.

I wonder how many of you can remember that magical night in the Sean Ti, three or four years ago, when Lawrence’s song When Do We Fall won the Songwriter Contest after winning a heat and semi  final before beating off another 16 competitors in the final.

Declared the Winner

Lawrence Hackett who won at the Sean Ti

Lawrence Hackett who won at the Sean Ti

There was a big crowd to see it but I think that even more people have told me that they remember it than were even there on the night.

When he sang the song again, after it was declared the winner, people had their lighters out like it was at a concert and sang along with the chorus with Lawrence.

One local guy who is influential on the music scene, said that it was one of his favourite songs of the whole year.

Top Derry Talents

Also playing are two top talents from Derry.

First of all there is Matthew Brown, who wants to play at the BeatlesFest this year.

Here he is singing his song Home. Click on it to hear it.

Then there is Easy Street Pickings, or at least the guy who fronts it and writes the songs.

These are both very good up-an-coming acts and highly rated in Derry.

I listened to a few acts before choosing these ones.

National Songwriter Festival Programme of Events

The night starts off with local act Leo McCauley who will perform songs from his highly creditable new CD.

Then comes Matthew Brown and then the Easy Street Pickings guy (I wonder where they got their name).

Then it’s Lawrence.

He’s got some great new songs.

Lawrence Hackett’s Songs

Here’s one here on YouTube It’s Not Me which his wife hates. You’ll understand why when you hear it.

Here’s the one that his wife does like, as it is about the first night they met – When Do We Fall.

That’s the one that won that night in the Sean Ti.

There should be a good crowd to see him and the others.