Top New Country Star

It was just a chance meeting in Derry that led to a new country music sensation getting booked to play Moville during the National Songwriter Festival.

His name is Simon Peters and he has already appeared on the Late, Late Show and has won awards for being the top new country star in Ireland.

According to the Irish Independent “His most memorable performance so far was when Simon became the youngest person ever invited to perform live in Nashville, Tennessee.

“Simon sang on the second oldest running radio show in the world, ‘The Midnight Jamboree’, which is performed in front of a live audience and reaches millions of listeners across the US.”

He is going to play McGettigan’s in Moville on Saturday and The Clock during the Parton With Cash country festival on June 24th.

YouTube Hits

His Songs on YouTube are getting a phenomenal amount of hits.

His Song The Swing was put up a year ago and has had 67,000 views. Click here to see and hear it.

His Song with John Hogan has been seen 265,000 times. Click here to see and hear it. It’s from 5 years ago so he looks a little younger and it was from before his voice broke.

His own song Young Country has been seen 186,000 times.

He is only 16 years of age too.

He’s obviously a top country star in the making.

Indeed, if he’s getting hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube for his songs he’s already a top star.

Star From Derry

He is from Derry originally but now lives in Lifford.

I was in Derry a few weeks ago with Bobby Does Dylan who wanted to get the posters for his show at the Dylanfest in August put up in cafes, shops and pubs in Derry.

A girl came up to see me in Water Street while I was waiting from Bobby to come out of a pub where he was asking to get his poster put up.

It seems she had been in a shop while Bobby was talking about his upcoming  festival performance.

Top Country Star

She said I should put her son on too. I said that the DylanFest wasn’t appropriate but we were going to have a country festival, Parton With Cash too.

Simon Peters and his song The Swing

Simon Peters and his song The Swing

She said that her son was a top country star and she would tell him about the festival.

When I got back home I looked him up in Facebook and told him about the Country Festival, and when I saw that he put his profession as Songwriter, about the National Songwriters festival too.

He said he was very keen to do both.

So, he is going to do both.

Gig at McGettigan’s

Later in the month, on Friday 24th of June, he will be playing The Clock.

However, festival goers will not have to wait till then.

He is going to be playing McGettigan’s on Saturday at 5pm during a Songwriters Session where Jim McLean, a top songwriter from Belfast, will also be playing.

The McGettigan’s session will start at 3pm. Jim McLean will be playing around 4pm and Simon Peters at 5pm.

I was astonished that he agreed to come. I thought “If you don’t ask, you don’t get”.

Opportunity to See Simon Peters

He is keen to play his songs and one or two covers to a Moville audience.

He could only play Saturday afternoon as he is booked on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights this weekend.

Moville festival goers should take this opportunity to see him while he is only 16.

Maybe that great show the Inishowen Vintage Show should look at him for  future years.

I’m getting pretty excited about this weekend’s festival. We are getting even bigger names than I expected.

If any local acts want to play as well  just contact me on [email protected] or Zara McGettigan,  or just bring your guitar along with you. It will start at 3pm and go on until the last song has been sung.