Moville Songwriter Festival

We’ve had a couple of highly successful Songwriter Contests in wintertime in Moville and Greencastle.

Now we are having our first National Songwriters Festival in Moville in summertime.

We haven’t given you much news of it so far as we were waiting for people to firm up about coming here.

Now it is time to give you more information on it.

All Over the Country

We have acts coming from all over the country to play.

We ave many of the top acts from Derry coming to play, like internationally famous Paul Casey and Paddy Nash and a host of other good acts.

We have local acts like Spring Tides playing.

Songwriter Contest Winner

Then we have the man from Cork, Lawrence Hackett, who so memorably won the first Songwriter Contest in the Sean Ti coming back to play for the first time in Moville since his victory.

We’ve got top songwriter Jim McLean coming from Belfast to sing for us in McGettigan’s.

There’s an act from Dublin that we are hoping will play too.

It’s all systems go for Moville’s First National Songwriter Festival.

Be there or be square!