Rain Machine

The Star Wars crew were filming at Malin Head for a few days recently.

They were filming one scene which needed rain.

“Ah, Malin Head is the place for that” they must have been told.

Sure, it’s a place of great beauty and the scenery must have fitted some of their scenes well.

But, it would have especially fitted the one where they needed rain.

No Rain in Malin Head

So, it must have come as a great surprise to them that it didn’t rain at all, all the time they were there.

The good weather must have enhanced the scenery for some of their other scenes.

However, it just would not rain.

So much so that they had to use a rain machine.

Imagine that – in Malin Head!

Star Wars

One wonders whether they had it with them already or had to send for it urgently.

“You won’t need a rain machine in Malin Head in May” they would almost certainly have been told.

We’ll look forward to seeing the scene when the latest Star Wars comes out in December 2017.


I’ve just read in today’s Sunday Times that they had to stop filing while they drafted in 20 tankers of water to create the rain.

I hope they paid their water charge.