Just what do you do for exercise and fun combined, when you’ve had a new baby? One Donegal primary teacher, Maria Conway, decided she needed something more than just a mother/baby group to go out to on a morning. She wanted to get back to an exercise routine. As an avid lover of dance, she also wanted to incorporate this into her weekly routine. She wanted to do it all together. And this lady just did.DSC_8940 (1)
Maria Conway from Letterkenny in Co. Donegal gave birth to her son (her first born) in December last year and was itching to get back on the dance floor. Ms Conway is well known for her dancing skills and is a dance choreographer alongside her dancing teacher mother for various Strictly Come Dancing events throughout Donegal and the North West over the past 6/7 years. DSC_8944 (1)
On researching various activities online for mothers and babies, Maria found the perfect solution in America. Dance with me Baby was born and Maria became its leader in Donegal.
Dance with me Baby is a weekly session where mothers and babies dance together. Babies are strapped onto Mums chest with their baby sling and the rest is left to the dance floor. Dance with me Baby is not only great for exercise but it also enables baby development. DSC_8937
Mums from all walks of life are coming to Maria’s Dance with me Baby class on a Thursday morning in Letterkenny Community Centre: Just last week an extra class has gotten underway on a Saturday morning. Maria told me that some mothers who have returned to work are now seeking to continue with their workout on the dance-floor with baby in tow. And Saturday morning suits these working Mums.
Most of the Mums involved are ones Maria met during her pregnancy. She didn’t expect then that they would be dancing with their real life bumps just a few short months down the line.
Maria is now bringing Dance with me Baby to Buncrana in Inishowen, starting tomorrow, Monday May 23rd at The Plaza on Buncrana’s main street. DSC_8941 (1)
Dance with me Baby may well be on a dance-floor near you very soon.
For more details on Dance With Me Baby, check out their Facebook page at Dance with me Baby.