Foyle Hotel for Sale

The Foyle Hotel in Moville is for sale at a knockdown price of just €200,000.

The final day for bids is on Tuesday, May 24th.

The Foyle Hotel was once on the market, in the glory days of the boom, for €1.5m.

So the current price is around just 15% of that.

Storm Damage

It has 17 bedrooms, a restaurant, bar and function room.

As local people know it was hit by storm damage a few years ago and some vandalism.

However, a hotel like this, bang in the centre of Moville, could, potentially, be worth quite a lot of money in future years.

Many Movillians, and visitors to Moville, will have enjoyed a meal, a drink, or even some afternoon tea and biscuits in the Foyle Hotel.