Programme for the National Songwriters Festival

It will take place in Moville and Greencastle from June 2nd to 6th.

The programme will be added to as we go along. Here it is at the moment.

Meet Tony Bramwell Night (Thursday June 2nd)

This is still provisional as Tony hasn’t confirmed yet if he can come over on the Thursday.

It will be in Rosatos if Tony can make it.

The idea is that the acts meet Tony and play a few tunes him. This is like the Appetiser course and they will do their full sets on other afternoons and nights.

Spring Tides Night (Friday June 3rd)

This will take place in The Clock on Friday night where Spring Tides will be the main act. Tony has never seen James O’Donnell play as he has always been away when Tony has been here.

There will also be one or two warm-up acts to be announced.

McGettigan’s Acoustic Afternoon

A series of acts like Spring Tides among others will have an acoustic afternoon in there. Names will be added to this.

Lawrence Hacket Night (Saturday June 4th)

Many of you will remember the great night in the Sean Ti when Lawrence Hackett from Cork won the first Songwriter Contest with his song, When Do We Fall.

It was a magical night and Lawrence is returning to the Sean Ti for the first time since his triumph.

Here’s the winning song When Do We Fall

He will be supported by other great songwriting acts.

Sunday Afternoon

We haven’t finalised the venue yet but acts like Leo McCauley will be playing their new songs.

Sunday Night

We’re not sure yet whether to have a quiet night with Tony somewhere where he can advise some of the better acts from the festival or put on anther night of songs.

We have plenty of acts to fill up the above slots but we are waiting to see what dates they are available and which ones they prefer to do.

Tony will be giving a talk How to Make it In The Music Business but we’re not sure when would be the best date to put that on.

It will all come together shortly and we’ll complete this programme.