Bobby Does Dylan in The Crews

Bobby Does Dylan, who has played Stuck Inside of Moville, the DylanFest on the Lough in the prime gig in the Caiseal Mara Hotel for the past two years, has landed a major new TV role as Tommy Granger in The Crews.

It has been called the Scottish Sopranos and Bobby, or Robert Harrison to give him his real name, has landed the Tony Soprano part.

The new show is called The Crews, the nickname for Glasgow’s gangs.

It will start om May 23 at 23:00 on STV Glasgow and STV Edinburgh, Scotland’s two major cities.

Main Role in The Crews

The main part is played by Robert Harrison and the othe rmain players are Jim Sweeney, Jenneifer Byrne and Sean O’Kane.

It will also have high profile guest starts like Anne Downie, David Hayman and Stephen McCole as well as ex Snooker World Champion, John Higgins.

The series follows the paths of two major gangsters in Glasgow who were friends originally but are now deadly rivals as the heads of Glasgows main two gangs in he crime underworld.

Turner and Granger

Mick Turner finds out that his plans for a rich retirement have been scuppered by one of his own crew.

At the same time, retired gangster Tommy Granger’s past is put in the spotlight when an old gang member of his crew comes to his door looking for money on the very anniversary of Tommy’s son’s murder.

Said Elizabeth Partyka of STV: “Our city channels are the perfect platform for locally produced drama and for supporting local talent, and I’m excited to bring this fresh, edge-of- your-seat gangster show to the viewers of STV Glasgow and STV Edinburgh.”

The Crews Dream

Director Colin Ross Smith said: “When we first started working on The Crews we dreamed that the pilot would take off, and so it fuelled our imaginations as we sunk our teeth into what would be our most ambitious project yet; an ensemble crime drama that would cross the continent and back and be made to a standard that would impress enough to see the show grow legs.

“So much hard work was put into the project and it pleases me greatly that it will not go to waste, and that we will see the works of our amazing and talented cast and crew put out to a wider audience. I am very excited to see how viewers react to the show that we all put five years of blood, sweat and tears into.”

The Crews was created by director/producer Colin Ross Smith, writer/producer Kolin Ferguson, actor/producer Jim Sweeney and actor/producer Robert Harrison, and features a score by Teenage Fan Club’s Frances MacDonald.

Household Name

bobby does dylan

Bobby Does Dylan to play Moville DylanFest

By the time Robert Harrison comes to Moville in late August, to play the Caiseal Mara Hotel during Moville’s DylanFest, he could have become a household name in Scotland.

Robert has worked alongside various established actors including Mads Mikkelsen who played James Bond’s nemesis in Casino Royale and the role of Hannibal Lecter in Hannibal.;  Robbie Coltrane; David Hayman; Ford Kiernan from Still Game; Tom Baker star of Dr Who and the Hammer historical picture Rasputin, one of his major roles in hit movies.

He has also worked with the renowned director Ken Loach in Sweet Sixteen and the Hollywood director Nicholas Winding Refren  for Valhalla Rising.

Robert Carlyle star of many big budget Hollywood productions believes Robert has a screen presence that bodes well  for a bright future in film.

Actor and Singer

Robert brings his performance skills as an actor to bear on his musical performance as Bobby Does Dylan, not to be missed at this years Dylanfest in Moville at the Caiseal Mara Hotel in August.

Look out for Robert in the leading role as Tommy Granger in the new STV gangster series THE CREWS airing  on Monday 23rd May  STV Glasgow and STV Edinburgh which  are available on Freeview channel 8, Sky channel 117 and Virgin Media channel 159 in their broadcast areas.

STV’s city channels will also broadcast The Crews as two 45 minute episodes on Monday 30 May at 22.00.